The power of stories

As a mother, you’ve earned your stripes when you’ve read to your child a story a hundred times over maintaining the same level of enthusiasm as on your first time. At times, I put down the book and tell them the craziest stories instead. Like, Mr. Pepper and Friends after noticing them during dinner picking out the chopped bell peppers from the chopsuey and leaving these aside on their plates. I don’t call them out on these things. I just asked them why they don’t like to eat certain foods. Then I think about how to tell them that they should. Doing the dishes after dinner provided me adequate time to conjure up a story. And I think I was able to convince them to eat their peppers after that. But when you think you did, they’d show they knew more than they let on. Like, when they didn’t eat their carrots some time after the incident with the peppers. After dramatically pushing the vegetable to the side of her plate, one of them said, “Mommy, could you tell us a story about carrots too?” After a few seconds of getting that in, I laughed until my belly ached. Then firmly told them, “No! And eat your carrots!” 


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