Weekend vibes

I came upon a cuddle of young children on the beach and struck up a conversation with them. I asked them, among other things, if they’re watching TV and if so their favorite show. “Barbie!” they said. “Wow,” I said and laughed. My laughter was directed at myself.  I didn’t expect their response I didn’t expect children from disadvantaged families to know Barbie. But these kids do. We have these prejudices I guess. Then, when I got up to go, the more talkative of them said “you a Muslim or a Christian?” I didn’t see that coming. I laughed. It took me awhile to answer. I was thinking hard. Apparently, these children are already inculturated into these concepts, and what is the politically correct answer? What is that answer which would help them realize that religion shouldn’t be a barrier to human relationships? Did prophets of different religions, upon meeting each other, threaten or maim each other? No. History tells us they stopped for conversation. They had utmost respect for each other. What will help these children? I couldn’t think of a good answer. Finally I said, “Christian”. They grinned back at me.


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